Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Almost Quarter of a Century (Old Bucket List)

I can't believe that I'm almost turning 25 years old...makes me remember when I was a little girl and I thought 25 was old and hip.  Right now I just feel like I have an old hip haha...okay bad joke.  I do feel like an old man sometimes...which isn't all bad.  I get to tell kids to shut the hell up and get off my lawn.  

So I have something fun to share.  I found a VERY old bucket list of mine - something I wrote maybe when I was 7 or 8.  I thought it would be fun to share with all of you to see how well I did.  Now before I post, I should tell you I was quite a sheltered child.  I didn't receive the same opportunities as other kids, 'cause we were on a tight budget and my parents were more strict back in the day.  I was also afraid to try a lot of new things since I lacked a lot of confidence.  My friends fixed that for me during my teen years though and I've grown a lot since.  Looking at this list I can tell I didn't aim for the moon, but at the time these were "big" things I wanted to accomplish.  So without further ado, here is the list.  I've marked an "X" next to the items that I've completed.

  1. Concert [x] - My first concert was Coldplay on their Viva La Vida tour with one of my bestest friends.  Saw them on their second night (June 21, 2009) in Vancouver at GM Place which is Rogers Arena now.  Here's the video compilation I made of that glorious day.  I was so excited my stomach started hurting before the concert, so much I thought I'd had to skip out on it lol.
  2. Bumper cars [x] -The first time I went on bumper cars, I got stuck at a weird angle and everyone started bumping me lol.  It was on my boyfriends 22nd birthday.
  3. Go karts [x] - My boyfriend surprised me one day by taking me out go karting 'cause he knew I always wanted to go.  It was pretty frightening since I did NOT wear the right shoes haha.  Made pedaling to the metal quite difficult when my heel kept slipping off since it wasn't a traditional shaped pedal (had a huge gap in the middle.)  That was summer of 2010 I believe.
  4. Plane [x] - Went on a plane the first time in 2008 when I went on my first big trip (3 day Princess cruise from Vancouver to Los Angeles, 2 days Disneyland, short flight to Seattle, 1 day cruise back up to Vancouver.)  My ears ending up plugging really bad.  Apparently I'm quite sensitive to elevation changes and basically all the tricks to stop it from hurting don't work for me :(.
  5. River [x] - My river experience was during one camping trip with one of my best friends.  We camped one summer with her mom and older sister over at Englishmen River which is on Vancouver Island.  That was one great trip :).  That was also the first time I saw a girl in a thong bikini lol.  It was also the same river I visited with my parents and one of my best friends.  I warned my dad it would be slippery when he wanted to jump onto some rocks in the middle of the water...he didn't listen and he slipped right in...we laughed.  Don't worry it was shallow enough he wouldn't get sucked away and it was deep enough so he wouldn't break his skull.
  6. Motor boat [x] -  I went on my first motor boat in 2008 for an awesome crab cookout at Alouette Lake with a bunch of friends.  We boated out to a private shore, made a fire and boiled some yummy yummy crabs :)
  7. Bumper boats [x] - I had an awesome time on bumper boats during my friends 15th birthday.  We went over to Parksville BC for mini-golfing and bumper boats :).
  8. Helicopter [ ] - Maybe one day?  I don't really know why I put it on here 'cause there's a good chance it'll never happen but would it ever be sweet to launch from a helipad!
  9. Camping [x] - I went camping for the first time when I was 14 with 2 of my best friends and their family.  It was a pretty wicked time sleeping under the stars, watching the sunrise, going on an unsupervised water rafting trip in a very shallow river with jumping fish, dive bombing birds leading out to the ocean that had waves sucking us away from shore with a leaky raft hahaha.
  10. Limo [x] - For a first time in a limo it wasn't a very happy time.  It was for my aunt's funeral :(.
  11. Newspaper [x] - I was in the local newspaper for the first time with my sisters when I was 8 for feeding the ducks at the marsh.  Front page baby!  It was weird being the center of attention at school that morning.
  12. Thrill rides [x] - I can't remember when I went on my first thrill ride.  I'm pretty sure it was at Playland/PNE with my parents and sisters.  I do remember going on the pirate ship for the first time and screaming "get me down, get me down!"  I hated that feeling in my stomach when the boat would hang in the air for a second and swing on down.
  13. Be on TV [x] - When visiting a Richmond mall one day for a day trip with my parents, a chocolate store spotted my sisters and I and asked us to be part of their commercial.  They handed me a helium balloon and got us to prance around the store working our magic.  It aired on Fairchild TV which is a Vancouver/Toronto based Chinese TV station.  I was also on the local TV station when they were airing a parade I got to participate in.  It was fun waving to crowd.
  14. Piano [x] - I took piano lessons when I was 8, but I didn't like it and quit haha.  I mostly got frustrated 'cause my eldest sister teased me a lot. She is definitely a lot more musically talented but she was really hard on me when I started lessons.
  15. Karate [x] - I took Karate lessons when I was 11/12.  The first couple lessons were free, but to pay for them was quite expensive so I had to quit.  It wasn't all bad 'cause my dad would teach me Kung Fu.
  16. Choir [x] - I was in and out of choirs in elementary school and joined up once during highschool for a Christmas choir.  I had a blast :).
  17. Ukelele [x] - I learned ukelele from my grade 4 teacher.  I can still play "Ode to Joy"...but I'm definitely no ukewonder. I used to practice so much until my fingers blistered...I really loved ukelele at the time. 
  18. School play [x] - When I was super young I participated in cutesy roles for Charlottes Web and West Side Story - it was only the grade 6 and 7 kids that got to audition for speaking roles.  My elementary school only put on a larger production every 2 years.  My grade 7 year was one of those and I got to audition for the musical, Wizard of Oz.  I prepared and ended up memorizing all the lines given for the audition.  I ended up with the role of Chief Munchkin...I truly believe I got type cast because of my short height.  I really wanted to play the Good Witch of the North...oh well :P.  For a couple years I adopted the nickname Chinese Munchkin.
  19. Chinese dance [x] - I learned Chinese dancing when I was younger - the fans, the long ribbon, the tea cups...I couldn't continue 'cause my mom thought I was too young to keep up with the older girls when I had joined, but I learned some moves from my sisters and just from watching them practice during class.  I did get to dress up for some of the events (parades and performances) so it wasn't all bad :).
  20. Win a contest [x] - The only contest I have won, was an art contest for BC Hydro.  Every year I would make a safety poster featuring a dog mother and son teaching him what not to do around the house concerning household appliances.  Every year I entered, I won a glow in the dark Louie the light bug digital watch...holla!
  21. Straight A's [x] - The first time I got straight A's was in high school.  I mostly got honor roll...getting list of distinction happened when I had all my favourite classes in the same semester.  I think it was Art, English, Information Technology and Computer Animation...go figure :P.
  22. Swimming with your clothes on [x] - There had been plenty of times when my girlfriends and I would jump into a local dam with all of our clothes on.  Fun times!  Those are the summers I will never forget!
Out of that list I actually accomplished everything but riding in a helicopter.  That's pretty good - although I think I set my sights low at the time.  Although at the time those were pretty big things to me.  I think next post I'm going to make shiny new bucket list!  In the meantime hope you all are doing well.  Thanks for reading!  Much love to you all!


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