About Me

Once upon a magical Tuesday, the clouds cleared from the winter sky and the sun shone down as I was born.  No seriously...this happened...my parents told me :P.  I was born in a smaller city close to the mountains and ocean and was the youngest of 3 sisters.  Despite what the picture to the right depicts, I was a happy child...maybe not when I had to dress like a little Scottish looking pilgrim with a poof in her hair.  At the time my favourite activity was colouring, my favourite video game was Duck Hunt, my favourite show was Mr. Dress-up (R.I.P. Ernie Coombs), my favourite movie was Cinderella, my favourite food was Mario shaped pasta with ketchup and my favourite drink was chocolate milk.  How I remember this, I do not know, but I'm told I have a very good long term memory.  I do however not own the skill of picking up lyrics to a song easily - a skill I wish to have!

Fast forward to the future, after many good report cards and teenage shenanigans, I move to the big city for college and graduate with a diploma in Game Art and Design.  I join the Monday to Friday 9-5 crew and the rest is unknown to me.  I'm just going with the flow, working hard and making the most of what I have :).  I appreciate all the knowledge and wisdom I have gained over the years and hope to only continue learning and growing, living and loving every day.  I hope you enjoy my little snippets that I put up onto the interwebs and some of my video creations as well.  I'm told I'm an eccentric individual, so hopefully there's something there for everyone to enjoy!  Oh and just to update, my favourite activity is hanging out with my league of Super Friends, my favourite video game is Red Dead Redemption, my favourite show is Breaking Bad  my favourite movie is Spirited Away, my favourite food is...well there are too many favourites to list and my favourite drink is a fruit smoothie.