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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Magic Is Real

Now some of you may be thinking I'm crazy but I'm serious - magic is real!  Now I'm not talking about any type of sorcery, I'm talking about those moments in life that are so special and precious...the things that inspire us, the things that bring joy to our hearts and souls.  These are the moments I live for.  Now sometimes these magical moments are something that we ourselves can create, and other times it's something we happen to stumble into unknowingly.  Either way they usually happen unexpectedly and that's what makes it all the more magical.  

I like that life is full of surprises, that there is mystery because if I did know how my life would turn out, well that would be very boring and I think I'd be miserable hahaha.  Now I wasn't always this way.  As a kid I worried a lot about the future and that was too much worry for one kid!  I'm glad that I have changed a great deal from the worry wart and stress case I used to be.  Now I embrace challenges, change and chocolate...sorry I like alliterations hahaha.

Ever since I discovered the magic of life and started to appreciate what life had to offer, I became less fearful.  I have a lot of people to thank for that.  And since I made that transformation in my life I hope to spread that magic onto others whether it be on a small or large scale.

This blog topic reminded me of an English 12 story essay I wrote.  I think it's kind of corny, but still a good message overall. If anything it's always fun to look back at old school work!  My English teacher liked it so much she submitted it into the school newspaper.   I hope you enjoy it as well!



     I wished upon a star, and then wished on another.  I wished on many birthday candles. The rule is to not state your wishes after they have been made or they do not come true.  Since I was a little girl, I believed in this rule but the more I grew, I knew, that by keeping these wishes silent, I would never be heard.

    The wisps of smoke from my birthday candles sifted through the screen door.  I believed that somewhere in the smoke nestled my wish, a smoke signal of my own.  Outside the wind blew, I stared out at the clouds hoping my wish would pass through them safely.  That night I opened my window to stare at the sky.  I counted many stars and believed that my wish had reached one of the trillion stars I saw.

    "Turn wishes into dreams; dreams to goals, and goals to realities," whispered the gentle wind to the shining stars.  The wind whistled around the whole world carrying many wishes to the silent stars.  It wailed, "Please help the world below."  One shimmering star replied, "I wish we could."

    The wind blew past my window bearing the faint scent of candle smoke.  I knew that my wish had not been granted.  I learned from the wind to keep moving, to be gentle at some times, and strong at other times.

    Carrying on like the wind, another year rolled by.  I made another wish on melting wax.  Wax trickled on the birthday cake.  I blew out the candles with one breath.  My silent song was wrapped in mists of smoke, and sailed out the screen door once again.

    The moon smiled that night, as I stared out my open window.  The wind sang a song that night.  "We can wish, we can dream.  Nothing is what it seems.  Learn to live; learn to love.  Make your wishes true.  Don't depend on the stars above."  Remember this song every time you blow a candle out.

    The wise wind answered my wish and sang my song to the world.  The wind granted my wish, and so I granted the wishes of others.  In life, my true wish is for everyone that I love to be happy and to be healthy.  I'm there for my friends when times are tough and with them when they need to laugh. I also look out for those I do not know well.  I give them advice and support when they seek it.  I help my parents around the house keeping things tidy, feeding the cat, and make sure my parents don't have dishes to do after a long day's work.

    Granting these loving wishes for others gives me the best feeling in the world.  I know I have changed and even saved lives.  Wishing is harmless, but can hurt overtime if we don't take action towards our wishes.  We have to harness this energy of our desires to make all our dreams come true, rather than dwelling on them day and night.  We need to use this energy to help others.  If we keep wishing on desires that cannot be attained, we forget who we really are.  We can't all be millionaires, beauty queens, or all-star athletes.  Humans share the same emotions; some even share the same dream.  If we share our dreams with others, if we let them hear our wishes then they may come true for all.  "Turn wishes into dreams, dreams into goals, and goals to realities."

    I see many stars around me, and there are many more to come.  They are all beautiful people and hopefully one day we'll be living in a galaxy.  Each and every one of us can become a star.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Making Music Videos!

Start of a new year and I've got some projects in queue from last year that I need to finish!  Two of them being music videos!

The first song is "The Earth So Dark" by Bogatzke

The second song is "Trip" by Vacationer

I've received permission by both artists to use these songs.  I've had some ideas stirring in my head so far about both of these videos and I hope I'll find all the right inspiration to complete them in 2012.  Last year was just horrendously busy and I hadn't found the right moments to capture something beautiful that suits the music.  Keeping my eye out for unique locations to shoot :).  Also I'm hoping that it'll snow this year too haha.  Anyways hope you're all doing well and already having a great new year!