Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Song Crushes #1: Love At First Listen

Art by Kairixxxkiss

April showers give me super powers! Spring is here and it's finally starting to warm up!  Life is busy and I'm feeling dandy.  Although I really should be in bed right now...I have the terrible habit of going to bed late.

I've already mentioned this and you probably know, but I love music.  I love finding new music and when I find a song I really like I have to share it!  I thought it would be fun if I wrangled up some of my new favourite songs and capture them up on my blog.  I also think this will be a reoccurring blog event!  And without further ado, here are my latest song crushes.

The Neighbourhood - Sweater Weather:  I stumbled on this song by pure accident.  I think it only had a few hundred views when I first listened to it and now it's well over 90,000.  What a wonderful chill and catchy song that I had on repeat for a good solid hours.  Also the video is very lovely!

Crizzly (Remix) - Lost Woods from Legend of Zelda:  Terribly catchy and upbeat.  A remix featuring one of my favourite video game songs.  Do as Navi says..."Hey Listen!!"

Javelin - Tryouts:  This song makes me feel happy.  Very satisfying...like popping bubble wrap.  It makes me want to bop my head, wiggle to the beat and skip down the sidewalk.

Kavinsky - Nightcall:  This song was popularized by the movie Drive, which makes it difficult to find an ad free version.  You should check out the movie if you haven't, it's great...as well as the entire soundtrack.  This song in particular makes me want to drive down the streets of L.A. like a boss.

Kid A - BB Bleu:  Kiddddd you got it going on!  I thought we could make it last, but the song unfortunately ends at the 3:02 mark.  This song basically plays hard to get, but my ears won't give up!  Love her voice and those knocking beats.  Great song to chill out to.

Madeon - Icarus:  This producer from France is only 17 years old and is making big waves on the EDM scene.  Fall in love, but don't fly too close to the sun now :P.

I decided to choose 6 songs for each "Song Crushes" post, 'cause I don't know how frequent I'll post but also because I like consistency.  I looked at my "Where Would I Be Without Music?" post and it had 6 songs embedded haha.  Well that's it from me.  I hope you enjoyed that selection and are all doing well!  Love you all :)


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