Friday, February 25, 2011

Refreshing Ye Ol' User Name

So I've been inspired to write a new blog by fellow blogger and best friend Laura AKA bubbasmi. I haven't done so since I went away on Christmas vacation.

I just wanted to keep this post short and sweet and just acknowledge the fact that I'm slowly going through the process of switching over to my new user name "carmahdee" in place of "karmadee888". I was never really happy with karmadee888, even though how similar it is. I really didn't like the 8's...I hate having numbers in a user name, especially when I don't necessarily identify with the number other than being my favorite/lucky number.

I kind of got inspired to do this refresh because I hated the direction my two YouTube channels were going. One was mostly vlogs, a few little video compilations and very few creative skits. The other channel was used for recorded gaming sessions and entertainment news. I kept thinking how much I disliked managing two channels, but only really created the 2nd channel to acquire a better "brand."

So now that I'm re-branding I feel that carmahdee is just a simplified way of putting my first and last name together and adding "dee" for "design" or for the play on "chickaDEE" one of my favorite birds that I grew up with. In the end the 8's just seemed cluttered.

I also got inspired by a lovely YouTuber named Courtney who recently reinvented her YouTube channel and goes by "courtneypants". Her original user name was "sailme90" which she also just grew out of. Despite the fact I'm sure she loves the videos that are on her older channel, the user name just didn't mean as much to her anymore.

So this is my reasoning behind switching up the names - combining the two channels together and hopefully spitting out brand new content which is more in tune with my joy of creating video content. I want to provide entertaining video content about the stuff I like and document my life at the same time, in one place.

I know I'll lose some subscribers and all the views I've acquired over the years, but I'm okay with that. I know the ones who do enjoy what I do will stick with me and that means a lot. It was never really about the number of subscribers and view count for me anyways. Thank you to those who have supported me thus far. I truly do appreciate all your feedback, comments and "likes". You're the bomb-diggity. So on that note, please subscribe to my very empty and plain channel and stay tuned for some fresh new content from yours truly!



  1. Ollo!

    I LOVE the header! Illustrator? You've inspired me to re-vamp my blog! I like the simplistic feel to your design. I feel like since I have more design and coding experience under my belt I could probably do a pretty sweet layout for my blog.

    Also, i feel like I never clued in that Carmah was your first and last name together... clever! I like it! I wish my names made something cool like that. I have lefith I suppose. And Aura is close to Laura, but also too close to aurora... boo. I was thinking Smi Squared Designs at one point... but I think that doesn't really flow off the tongue well. Lefith Designs sounds better. Anyway, i'm just rambling now. I'll talk to you soon!