Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Cher Lloyd Has The X Factor and Bob's Your Teapot!

I always enjoy clips of X Factor that roll up on YouTube's Most Viewed, because they're usually quite entertaining.  They either feature some interesting auditions...

Ablisa need to hug it out
Or some amazing talent :) 

Leona Lewis has a crystal voice
Recently my attention has been captured by young contestant Cher Lloyd of 17 years, (16 when she first auditioned) from Malvern, Worcestershire.  I've been following up with every performance since she had impressed the judges during her wicked audition singing Keri Hilson's version of Soulja Boy's "Turn My Swag On."  She was nervous but definitely had no reason to be as all 4 judges, including guest judge Natalie Imbruglia, passed her on through to the next round.

Ripped jeans are not my thing but Cher pulls them off well.
Cher had then passed X Factors boot camp round with a risky song selection, (an arrangement of Swizz Beatz's "That Oprah" and Coldplay's "Viva La Vida") where Nicole Scherzinger was a guest judge.  It's been floating around that Cher had lied when she stated in a clip mentioning she had written some of the lyrics for the boot camp round.  In the actual performance she stuck to the lyrics of the original artists.  It only looks as if she lied because of how the show was edited.  Cher had decided to change the arrangement and cut out her own lyrics, which was a good idea in my opinion, but that doesn't make her a liar.  I just wanted to clear this up because I really dislike seeing someone being wrongfully accused.

Cher sheds a few tears after her boot camp mash up.  Don't cry for me Argentina...
Next up were the Judges Houses where Cher failed to finish performing Mike Posner's "Cooler Than Me" in front of judge Cheryl Cole and guest judge due to a case of tonsillitis.  I could imagine how nerve racking and stressful this part of the competition is as it's the last phase before entering the live shows.  What bad timing to lose your voice.

Despite Cher being unable to perform, Cheryl Cole saw something special and selected her to move on in the competition, though the tabloids begged to differ.  People had believed she could not handle the pressure and wasn't ready to be in the limelight.  Cher proved them wrong as she swept the crowd during the first round of live shows singing "Just Be Good To Me" and spitting out some rhymes.

Cher proving them wrong in parachute pants.
I haven't even bothered to look at the other contestants because I like to believe Cher will win the show and become a hit among other successful recording artists.  Why do I like Cher so much?  She has a lovely personality, great voice, rap skills, and is an all around "cross the T's and dot the I's" performer.  She's the whole package bringing her own style to each song.  Most times when I watch a contestant off a talent search show, I often find myself bored.  I'm tired of hearing karaoke versions of the same old ballads.  I want something fresh and modern and Cher certainly delivers.  The competition is nearing towards the end and I wish Cher the best of luck in the hopes of winning this season's X Factor.  Anyways enough of me typing, I'll just end the post with some of my favorite performances from Miss Lloyd :).

UPDATE:  Cher Lloyd didn't win the X Factor, but she did make it to the top four finalists.  She did an amazing job throughout the competition.  She performed a mash up of  "The Clapping Song" and "Get Ur Freak On" and she performed "Where Is The Love" which led into performing a duet of "I Got A Feeling" with  Despite losing the competition Cher won big time by getting signed a record contract with  I'm excited to see where Cher's career goes from here.  Congrats Cher :).

Turn My Swag On Audition (A Great Start!)

It's A Hard Knock Life (Knock Out Rap)

No Diggity/Shout Mash Up (Killer Performance/Energy)

Sorry Seems To Be/Mocking Bird Mash Up (Stunning and Stellar)

Nothin' On You - Full Clip (Tip Top Tailors!)


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