Sunday, November 7, 2010

I Love Zombies!

If you've known me for a little while, you should know that I have a love for zombies. The whole idea is terrifying to me, but that's what draws me in. My love for zombies may be confusing to some, but if you're like me you'll totally understand where I'm coming from.

One of the reasons why I started making YouTube videos was to be part of the internet collaboration led by the popular YouTube user Paperlilies aka Bryony. Paperlilies posted a video mentioning she wanted to start this internet collab for a zombie movie, which eventually adopted the title of World Wide Dead. Here's the movie poster I made for this project. It wasn't selected for print, but was definitely well received by fellow collaborators on the project forum :).

The TV network BBC Three caught word of this project and decided to document the whole process. All the episodes and full documentary can be seen here: There was an open call for fake vlog submissions to be included in the World Wide Dead promo. I was excited about the project and wanted to take a shot at submitting an entry. When I found about this open call, it was right before I went on my first big trip. I filmed my fake vlog submission inside my cruise ship cabin, which helped me to develop a story for my character named Alice. I didn't expect to get chosen out of all the submissions, as there were a lot, so you could imagine my joy when I saw the final video that was premiering at a special event in London, England!

My all time favourite zombie movie, hands down, is 28 Days Later. In fact it's one of my all time favourite movies period. The story and characters are well written, the acting is superb, the location and film shots are beautiful, the make-up and costumes are outstanding and the music ties it all together perfectly. None of my favourite scenes are posted online, so here's a picture of the character Jim, played by Cillian Murphy, wandering the eerily, empty streets of London.
Moving on to the inspiration of my post, is the new original AMC series The Walking Dead. I first heard about this show through someones Twitter, where they posted a link to a leaked cell phone vid of the trailer. I was very excited to hear about this. The series premiere was on Hallowe'en - how fitting! I was all partied out from the Friday and Saturday leading up to Hallowe'en that I was very much excited at looking forward to a relaxing Sunday. (Side note: Not passed out drunk in the photo below. I actually didn't drink a drop of alcohol that night, I was just tuckered out :P)
I was happy to shed my Little Red Riding hood costume, jump into my PJ's, eat some leftover candy and still be able to join in the spirit of Hallowe'en with some good ol' zombies. My expectations were not met, they had been exceeded! This is probably one of the most impressive TV shows I've seen in a while. The production quality is just wild and the story has me sucked in. This is a series I hope lasts for a very long time and doesn't lose its flavour *cough* Heroes *cough*. Go watch for yourselves. The second episode airs tonight! Speaking of which I should probably get going now :P. Thanks for reading and have a good night!


  1. Your blog submissions are so good I'm pretty sure you would get a big fat A+ were you in my social media class!

    I watched Walking Dead tonight and was clinging to the blanket, knuckles white, the entire time! As much as I, too, love Zombies, I'm certainly glad they don't exist. That's so cool that your zombie vlog entry was chosen in the movie! :D